Pinnacle Members are the Elites of our Biz…but if you are a recruiter you want to know how to become a member…if you are a manager trying to grow a recruiting firm you want to know how to Identify them, attract them and manage them…
In this Episode, Danny goes to the Sources and Sorcerers themselves. Three long time Pinnacle Members, with resumes and career billings to die for…share:
• How different the Pinnacle Society is from what they thought!
• What motivates a Pinnacle member to keep billing long after $ is not an issue
• How do they shift their desks when a downturn comes, or a niche dies, or…a Pandemic arises?!
• What should you ask in an interview to identify Pinnacle DNA?

If you ever get the privilege of becoming a Pinnacle member, you will be shocked at the willingness to share, the lack of concern about competition, the overarching generosity of spirit. And if you don’t, well, you’ll get a very big taste of it in this podcast, as each member lets down their guard and speaks from the heart!