Outsourcing has been big for decades, and it made sense. We can’t do everything effectively “in house”, no matter what the endeavor. Then Outsourcing become Offshoring and the rumbles started. “They’re cutting costs by sending our jobs overseas.” When manufacturing was 30% of our economy, it was an outrage. But now it is 11% and it is just how business is done. But now offshore outsourcing has become a staple of excellent staffing firms the world over, and Danny is a big proponent, but we get the same questions over and over at our manager events. “Don’t you risk them selling your data?” “How could they find people in my sophisticated niche?” “Isn’t there a language barrier?” “What are the economics?”

In this episode, Danny takes your questions to the man who would know best. Co-President of the recruiting industry’s largest offshore recruitment company, Brian Cotter, and they pull no punches. Find out if you’re letting your bias and your inner control freak cost you money in a world where you can hire an outsourcing consultant to help manage your outsourcing function.



Brian has been co-president of PSG since its founding, and focuses on overseeing the company’s US operations. Prior to co-founding PSG, Brian was Vice President of Operations for eTelecare Global Solutions, a publicly traded business process outsourcing company. At eTelecare Brian managed a $60M division with 1,500 onshore and offshore employees. Brian joined eTelecare from Bain & Company, where he worked as a senior consultant for clients across a range of industries, including technology and financial services. Brian also worked for Bain’s Private Equity Group, advising private equity investors on acquisition candidates in a variety of service industries, including the staffing industry. Brian holds a BS from Bryant College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, and an MBA from The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Born and raised in Connecticut, Brian is an avid UConn Huskies fan. Today, living in Southern California, Brian enjoys taking advantage of the great year round weather, playing basketball, golf and tennis.