June 2019

Clients Playing Gotcha: Your Online Footprint Might Cost You Placements, and Your Candidates Jobs

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Estimates vary from 30%-60%, but HR, on one end of the spectrum, is checking your LinkedIn Profile and Googling you and on the other, nutty end, asking you in interviews for your passwords to Facebook. Have you ever posted anything suggestive, sophomoric, funny in a Dumb and Dumber way, maybe something political, maybe a selfie too late at night? Yeah, they have that now, and they’re asking you about it, and by the way they will always have it because the Internet records everything and forgets nothing. With author, Professor and HR consultant, Matthew Burr, Danny takes on not just the Do’s and Don’ts of what you should and shouldn’t post, but the right and wrong of this practice…are we all going to end up facing a “Paparazzi Problem?” Will nothing ever be forgotten or forgiven? In a generation will anyone even know what a “second chance” is? (And if not, does 38 Special go from a one hit wonder band to a no hit wonder band?) The Library of Congress just decided to store all Twitter posts since 2006. Are they going to have to pass laws allowing us to “scrub” our digital footprint? “…Gossip is no longer the resource of the idle, but has now become a business…” This was said about the Kodak camera in 1890, it seems quaint now. Will any sort of freedom of speech seem quaint soon?! Take a listen… Mathew W. Burr, MBA, MHRIR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CPHR   ABOUT: Matthew Burr has over 12-years of experience working in the human resources field, starting his career as an Industrial Relations Intern at Kennedy Valve Manufacturing to most recently founding and managing a human resource consulting company; Burr Consulting, LLC. Prior to founding the consulting firm, the majority of his career was spent in manufacturing and healthcare. He specializes in labor and employment law, conflict resolution, performance management, labor and employment relations. Matthew has a generalist background in HR and provides strategic HR services to his clients, focusing on small and medium sized organizations. In July 2017, Matthew started as an Associate Professor of

April 2019

Financial Advice for Recruiters: How to Not Be Making Placements at 90 Years Old

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So recruiters know how to make a lot of money. How to save money and build wealth? Uh, not so much. Ask a recruiter about their financial plan and their eyes glaze over, ask them when they want to retire, and they look at you with a mixture of sympathy and wonder…retirement is something that happens to other, O-L-D people…! But the facts are chilling. NW Mutual says only 25% of Americans have 200K in retirement savings. And the average person at retirement has 85K! And recruiters ain’t average. They just think they’ll keep closing deals! Forever! Danny tried for years to educate his recruiters on the benefits of 401K plans, Roth IRA’s, Real Estate…etc. And it was like giving them Ambien. He often had to carry them back to their desk. So in this podcast Danny talks to a legit Guru and Wall St legend about how to get the message across. You will, one day, need to retire, and young people will be in retirement for 20-25 years due to increasing life spans. Will you have enough money? This real world, no nonsense, no holds barred conversation could help! Phil Fiore, CIMA®, CRPC® Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Managing Director   Phil has more than 20 years of experience in providing investment consulting services to both institutions and high net worth individuals. Prior to co-founding Procyon Institutional Partners, Phil was a Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at UBS where he was also a member of the Institutional Consulting Group and its Advisory Council, a Senior Institutional Consultant and a Senior Retirement Plan Consultant. He also served as Co-Chair of the UBS Corporate Development Advisory Board and its Retirement Advisory Council. Phil has twice been recognized by 401KWire as one of the Nation's 300 Most Influential Advisors in the Defined Contribution Arena, by the Financial Times as one of their Top 400 US Advisors (2014), and as one of Barron's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors (2015). Phil is also a frequent speaker at many national retirement conferences. Additionally, Phil is a member of the NYC Columbus Citizens Foundation, sits on the

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