Summer Reading of Top Producers

“What are you reading these days?”

When top producers come to my office for mentoring or email me to check in, it would surprise most of you to know that what we are reading is the icebreaker we often start with…then we get so into the book reviews and the selling, (“You HAVE to read this…seriously, download it right now while we’re talking”) that we always have to schedule a second call to cover the planned content.

Top Producers have very few common denominators. That’s why they are so hard to replicate and emulate! But one thing they do have in common is an insatiable curiosity about themselves and their world. And they satisfy that curiosity by reading.

So since it is summer and we all have grand plans to read (or write) while we lather on the SPF and ponder paddle boarding, I thought I’d offer you a reading list of some of the top producing and literate people I know, (see links) as well as conversations with some of the more passionate participants. Notice the eclectic tastes, that they really know the material and don’t “peruse”, and I can promise you that while each of them is convinced their reading list rocks, they will be the first to listen to this podcast, and download the selections others rave about. They are top producers, and they want to know what the competition is up to…

Enjoy the podcast. Then go read!

(P.S. Don’t have time to listen to the whole thing right now? Click on the links below to hear each contributor individually.)


Additional Reading Suggestions

Mike Goldman’s List

  • Aging Disgracefully, Danny Cahill
  • Playing With Fire: The 1968 Election and the Transformation of American Politics, by Lawrence O’Donnell
  • Mandela: The Authorized Biography, by Anthony Sampson
  • The Magic (The Secret Book 3), by Rhonda Byrne
  • Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, by Chris Matthews
  • Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Two Days in June: John F. Kennedy and the 48 Hours That Made History, by Andrew Cohen
  • The Last of the Doughboys: The Forgotten Generation and Their Forgotten World War, by Richard Rubin
  • Still Foolin’ ‘Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys, by Billy Crystal
  • World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brooks
  • In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin, by Erik Larson
  • 11/22/63: A Novel, by Stephen King
  • No Ordinary Time: Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian L. Weiss
  • Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry

Click Here for Mike’s bio.

Jim Crigler’s List

  • Start-Up Nation by Dan Senor and Paul Singer
  • Outlaw Platoon by Sean Parnell
  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler \
  • One Second After by William Forstchen
  • Lights Out by Ted Koppel
  • Origin by Dan Brown

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