September 2018

“Uh, it was only once…at a wedding…I swear!” Corporate Drug Testing in Today’s World

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You find a great candidate! He/she wants the job, gets an offer, accepts…and then flunks the drug test and the deal falls through! It’s so depressing you almost want to get high to forget about your troubles… Most Americans favor the legalization of drugs. And 70% of the 14.8 million Americans who use illegal drugs are employed! But substance abusers have been proven to be one third less effective than non-users, and every year drug use costs 100 Billion $$ in lost productivity, rehab, absenteeism, etc. Quest Diagnostics says 2017 was the year failed drug tests reached an all-time high. (Yep, couldn’t resist, I know.) So while many companies have said they will test less or not test for marijuana because the current market makes it too hard to find people, technology allows these companies to test quickly and cheaply, and most of these companies admit if the market were different, they’d have stricter drug policies. So what’s a recruiter to do? Danny takes this on in with a subject matter expert, Tom Fulmer, a career executive in the world of drug testing…you’ll be surprised and even shocked at what is going on, and you’ll learn all you need to know about how to counsel your candidates about drug testing, and how to fight the fight with your clients when someone fails a test. Yes, you can save some of these deals! Tom Fulmer Bio: Tom Fulmer, CPCT, is the Vice President of Business Development for National Drug Screening, a nationwide leader in employer drug testing and top provider of drug testing, training, & TPA/Consortium software. Tom writes articles for National publications and presents at conferences. In 2017 and 2018, he won “Best Customer Service Leadership Training Program” awards and in 2018, he also won a top 10 award for “Best Sales Leadership Training Program”. He also conducts training for collectors, employers, and sales and customer service teams. Prior to joining National Drug Screening, Tom built a few other companies including a corporate training company, marketing company, and mortgage company. He also built a tennis shop and ran a

April 2018

If Robots Replace Recruiters (Where does that leave us?!)

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“Siri, find me a Director of Marketing”…okay, how long before that actually happens? 10 years, 20 years? Or is it happening now and I should cancel my non-refundable Spirit Quest trip to Antigua? Danny invited a guest with serious skin in the game and even more serious technology cred, the founder of Bullhorn, Art Papas, to discuss the recruiting industry’s short and long term prospects! Art is not only a legendary entrepreneurial spirit who changed how staffing software is designed and utilized, but he has studied artificial intelligence, and he and Danny openly discuss what will happen, what isn’t coming but is all hype, and when!

January 2018

Reading Resumes in the Millennial and Gen Z Era!

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Your clients scan resumes. Quickly. But what do they really look for? Do they even know? And how has it changed in the hundred years that resumes have dominated the vocational landscape? Does job hopping matter anymore? Does anyone care about the degree you have? Do we all assume you’re lying and go to your LinkedIn profile?  In this podcast, Danny and his subject matter expert Jason Reynolds bring you up to speed on the history of the resume, it’s current value in the real world, and how knowing how resumes are read can lead to greater success on your desk!