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April 2019

Financial Advice for Recruiters: How to Not Be Making Placements at 90 Years Old

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So recruiters know how to make a lot of money. How to save money and build wealth? Uh, not so much. Ask a recruiter about their financial plan and their eyes glaze over, ask them when they want to retire, and they look at you with a mixture of sympathy and wonder…retirement is something that happens to other, O-L-D people…! But the facts are chilling. NW Mutual says only 25% of Americans have 200K in retirement savings. And the average person at retirement has 85K! And recruiters ain’t average. They just think they’ll keep closing deals! Forever! Danny tried for years to educate his recruiters on the benefits of 401K plans, Roth IRA’s, Real Estate…etc. And it was like giving them Ambien. He often had to carry them back to their desk. So in this podcast Danny talks to a legit Guru and Wall St legend about how to get the message across. You will, one day, need to retire, and young people will be in retirement for 20-25 years due to increasing life spans. Will you have enough money? This real world, no nonsense, no holds barred conversation could help! Phil Fiore, CIMA®, CRPC® Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Managing Director Phil has more than 20 years of experience in providing investment consulting services to both institutions and high net worth individuals. Prior to co-founding Procyon Institutional Partners, Phil was a Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at UBS where he was also a member of the Institutional Consulting Group and its Advisory Council, a Senior Institutional Consultant and a Senior Retirement Plan Consultant. He also served as Co-Chair of the UBS Corporate Development Advisory Board and its Retirement Advisory Council. Phil has twice been recognized by 401KWire as one of the Nation's 300 Most Influential Advisors in the Defined Contribution Arena, by the Financial Times as one of their Top 400 US Advisors (2014), and as one of Barron's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors (2015). Phil is also a frequent speaker at many national retirement conferences. Additionally, Phil is a member of the NYC Columbus Citizens Foundation, sits on the Western

June 2018

Summer Reading of Top Producers

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Summer Reading of Top Producers "What are you reading these days?" When top producers come to my office for mentoring or email me to check in, it would surprise most of you to know that what we are reading is the icebreaker we often start with…then we get so into the book reviews and the selling, (“You HAVE to read this…seriously, download it right now while we’re talking”) that we always have to schedule a second call to cover the planned content. Top Producers have very few common denominators. That’s why they are so hard to replicate and emulate! But one thing they do have in common is an insatiable curiosity about themselves and their world. And they satisfy that curiosity by reading. So since it is summer and we all have grand plans to read (or write) while we lather on the SPF and ponder paddle boarding, I thought I’d offer you a reading list of some of the top producing and literate people I know, (see links) as well as conversations with some of the more passionate participants. Notice the eclectic tastes, that they really know the material and don’t “peruse”, and I can promise you that while each of them is convinced their reading list rocks, they will be the first to listen to this podcast, and download the selections others rave about. They are top producers, and they want to know what the competition is up to… Enjoy the podcast. Then go read! (P.S. Don’t have time to listen to the whole thing right now? Click on the links below to hear each contributor individually.) Michael Pietrack Reading List Dan Martineau Reading List Danny Sarch Reading List Robin Bland Reading List Emily Audibert Reading List Danny Additional Reading Suggestions Mike Goldman’s List Aging Disgracefully, Danny Cahill Playing With Fire: The 1968 Election and the Transformation of American Politics, by Lawrence O'Donnell Mandela: The Authorized Biography, by Anthony Sampson The Magic (The Secret Book 3), by Rhonda Byrne Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, by Chris Matthews Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin Two Days in June:

Michael Pietrack Reading List

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Michael Pietrack Michael Pietrack is the Head of TMAC Direct and leads our Medical Affairs Recruiting Practice. Michael has been consistently recognized as not only one of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s leading recruiters, but one of the Recruiting Industry’s top performers. Before forming TMAC Direct, Michael was a part of the largest international network of recruiters where he perennially ranked among the network’s elite. In 2013, Michael was named the #1 Ranked Recruiter Worldwide. As a result, he was nominated into the prestigious Pinnacle Society, the premier consortium of the top executive recruiters in North America. Because of this recognition, Michael is a sought after speaker both at Pharmaceutical Industry events and Recruiting Industry training seminars. On LinkedIn, Michael facilitates the largest private Medical Affairs discussion group dedicated to job opportunities, interviewing and hiring tips, and career advice, “TMACDirect-TheMSLRecruiter” He has distinguished himself from his competitors by being both a highly efficient and reliable recruiter, but also as an industry insider and trusted advisor. Click Here for Michael's bio.  Michael’s Book List The Bible The Go-Giver – Bob Burg and John David Mann Getting Naked – Patrick Lencioni What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There – Marshall Goldsmith Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

Dan Martineau Reading List

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Dan Martineau President of Martineau Recruiting Technology since it’s inception in 2000, Dan Martineau brings an extensive IT and Executive Recruiting background to his client companies and client candidates. Joining Dunhill Professional Search of Winston Salem in 1983 after attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Dan began his recruiting career in IT. During his 17 years with Dunhill, Dan distinguished himself as one of Dunhill’s best. He was recognized as the #1 Recruiter in the nation for Dunhill, and the winner of the “Millie Michaels Award” from 1995 through 1999, while also being inducted in the Million-Dollar Club. In May of 2000 Dan and his brother and business partner, Bill Martineau, leveraged their 40+ combined years of recruiting and placement experience by starting their own firm, Martineau Recruiting Technology, Inc. where they specialize solely in the Information Technology industry. Since that time Dan has been a member of The Pinnacle Society, the premier consortium of the country’s top producing recruiters, even serving on its Board of Directors. Conducting numerous training seminars for Dunhill Professional Search, NC Association of Personnel Consultants, American Staffing Association (ASA), National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) among others in the fields of Information Systems/Technology, Recruiting and Marketing Methodologies, Dan continues to make his mark on throughout the Placement Industry. Click Below for Dan's bio. http://martineaurecruiting.com/meet-the-team/ Dan’s Book List Road to Character – David Brooks The Soul of America: The Battle for our Better Angels – Jon Meacham Pope Francis – A Man of His Word (can’t wait to see)

Danny Sarch Reading List

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Danny Sarch Danny Sarch has been a headhunter for the wealth management industry since 1984 and has been the president of his own firm, Leitner Sarch Consultants, since 1990. The wealth management industry has evolved to present more opportunities for top financial advisors than ever before. Danny takes the time to thoroughly learn about his client companies so he can accurately address the unique questions and concerns of the advisory teams with whom he works. If you are curious about independence, about firms new or old, big or small, you can be sure that Danny has done his homework on your behalf. Danny's due diligence process begins with: "what do you want to fix?" Danny acts as your "Career Fiduciary" in order to find you the opportunity that is the best fit, to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible deal. Because of his national reputation as a thought leader, virtually all of the companies in the industry want him working on their behalf. He only works with the firms that have a unique value proposition for the best advisors in the industry. ​ Danny has a regular column in Investment News about recruiting trends in the wealth management industry and is quoted regularly in the industry's trade publications. In 1998, Danny was accepted into the Pinnacle Society, the premier consortium of industry-leading recruiters in North America. He served as president from 2004 to 2008 when he was the fifth member ever to be given the special recognition as an Honorary Lifetime Member. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984 with a degree in English Literature. Danny resides in Rye Brook, NY with his wife and two daughters. He is an avid cyclist and skier, and a passionate fundraiser for cancer causes. Click Here for Danny's bio.  Danny’s Book List I Am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes The Gatekeepers – Chris Whipple The Presidents Club – Gibbs and Duffy Paint Your Hair Blue – Sue Matthews They Call Me Super Mensch – Shep Gordon Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick

Robin Bland Reading List

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Robin Bland Robin Bland began her career as an insurance recruiter in 1995 after various roles in management and training for Fortune 500 companies. During her tenure at QuestPro, she was consistently ranked as the top producer and was named one of the top-producing recruiters by the Metroplex of Professional Consultants and by the Texas Association of Professional Consultants. In 2007 she was inducted into the Pinnacle Society — a group of the top 75 recruiters in North America. She is a graduate from the University of Texas and holds advanced degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her clients range from the largest insurance companies in the world to small family-owned businesses, and she has placed entry to executive levels throughout the USA with some exposure abroad. In addition to her recruiting, she is an award-winning public speaker and has completed advanced training with Anthony Robbins in the areas of personal and professional development and growth, training and peak performance. Click Here for Robin's bio. Robin’s Book List The Four Agreements – Ruiz The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer – Art Berg Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill If You Could Hear What I See – Kathy Buckley You Are a Bad Ass – Jen Sincero A New Earth – Tolle The Wisdom of Sundays – Oprah Winfrey The Five Second Rule – Tony Robbins Unleash the Powers Within - Tony Robbins The Ant and The Elephant – Vince Poscente Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

April 2018

If Robots Replace Recruiters (Where does that leave us?!)

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“Siri, find me a Director of Marketing”…okay, how long before that actually happens? 10 years, 20 years? Or is it happening now and I should cancel my non-refundable Spirit Quest trip to Antigua? Danny invited a guest with serious skin in the game and even more serious technology cred, the founder of Bullhorn, Art Papas, to discuss the recruiting industry’s short and long term prospects! Art is not only a legendary entrepreneurial spirit who changed how staffing software is designed and utilized, but he has studied artificial intelligence, and he and Danny openly discuss what will happen, what isn’t coming but is all hype, and when!

January 2018

Reading Resumes in the Millennial and Gen Z Era!

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Your clients scan resumes. Quickly. But what do they really look for? Do they even know? And how has it changed in the hundred years that resumes have dominated the vocational landscape? Does job hopping matter anymore? Does anyone care about the degree you have? Do we all assume you’re lying and go to your LinkedIn profile?  In this podcast, Danny and his subject matter expert Jason Reynolds bring you up to speed on the history of the resume, it’s current value in the real world, and how knowing how resumes are read can lead to greater success on your desk!

November 2017

The Pay Equity Law: Coming to a Candidate Near You!!

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Guess what? That “Money Mantra” you’ve been reciting to candidates day after day for your whole career? Uh, yeah, that’s illegal now. In a handful of states, and more on the way! So you could zone out and ignore it, at your peril, or listen to Danny’s podcast with subject matter expert, Attorney Lisa Zaccardelli, and learn not just what the new “mantra” is, but how it can make you more effective than ever!

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